The Highlands Praise Team consists of a close group who love music and love using it to lead others in worshiping the Lord. The music spans everything from old hymns to current praise songs on the radio.  Do you have musical talents God has given you, and would like to use them to help lead others to a closer relationship with Jesus?  Perhaps you don't have musical abilities, but still want to be involved.  There are may ways to serve.  Contact Brent and see how to get involved.



Brent Cooper - Worship Leader


Brent has served as Worship Leader since 2002.  He has also served as a Deacon and currently holds the position of Trustee and Board Chairman.  Brent grew up at North Highlands Church of Christ and is a third generation member.


WEEK 1: Leader: Kim Vocals: Brent, Nick, Tracie

WEEK 2: Leader: Brent Vocals: Sue, Randy

WEEK 3: Leader: Brent Vocals: Sue, Nick, Tracie

WEEK 4: Leader: Brent Vocals: Tracie, Kim

WEEK 5: Leader: Brent Vocals: Kim, Randy, Tracie